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Sarig Shalhav (1973) tax lawyer and founding partner, is specialized in all aspects of international tax structuring for multinationals and the private equity industry as tax counsel in M&A, corporate restructuring, and structured finance transactions, with special focus on Israel, US, UK, and Dutch multinational groups. Sarig also has extensive experience with fund formation and carried interest structuring.

Sarig is a member of the Netherlands Order of Tax Advisors (NOB), Israel Bar Association, the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and the EVCA. He is a frequent speaker at seminars on the tax aspects of leveraged buyouts and carried interest planning and has written various articles on fiscal topic.

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    Currently reading for his PHD at the University of Amsterdam; 2001 Masters International Tax Law (University of Leiden) Masters, International business law (University of Amsterdam, 1995); LLB Suma Cum Lauda (University of Manchester, 1994).
    Dutch, English and Hebrew
    Initial Public offering of Plaza Centers N.V. on the London Stock Exchange; Benfield Group Ltd. In its USD 1.75 million merger with AON Private Equity Team of ABN AMRO on its Spinout from ABN AMRO N.V. Platinum Equity in connection with the sale of the Geesink Norba Group to the mutares AG group. Medco in connection with its merger with Express Scripts. Capita Asset Services (Ireland) Limited and Capita Asset Services (UK) Limited in the Fleet Street Finance Two PLC CMBS transaction. The transaction involved the restructuring of a commercial mortgage loan secured by over one hundred retail assets located throughout Germany and leased to the Karstadt department store. This transaction was the first European CMBS deal to extend the maturity date on the CMBS notes. Value EUR 538 million.
    The revised Permanent Establishment Rules: Intertax Vol. 31 Issue 4, p.131 – 147. National Reporter: High Level Tax Conference Held By Prof Michael Lang, Austria (Publication By Prof. Lang). Co Author, Comparative Survey on the Tax Treatment of General Enterprise – Permanent Establishment’s Dealings: (IBFD Publications) CFC legislation, tax treaties and EC Law – National Report Israel, p. 323, Edited by M. Lang et al., Eucotax, Kluwer Law International. The Evolution of Art. 4(3) OECD MC and it impact on the Place of Effective Management Tie Breaker Rule, Intertax Vol. 32, Issue 10, p. 460 – 476 Interaction between the participation exemption and the principle of Compartmentalization: Portfolio Investments in the New EU Accession Member States, European Taxation, Vol. 45, 2005, No. 2, p. 64 – 71 Luxembourg-Israel Tax Treaty Could End Notional Credit, published in the
23 December 2004 edition of the online Worldwide Tax Daily. The “tie-breaker” rule and selected issues of non-discrimination. IBFD Doctoral Series (Forthcoming) Dutch tax aspects of private class action law suits – IBFD Bulletin

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