In order to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, companies must achieve greater efficiency in their tax planning and compliance efforts, taking into account tax requirements and their implications from the various countries in which they operate. Increased scrutiny and restrictive legislation demand greater self-evaluation and require skillful representation in tax controversies and litigation. We advise on Dutch deals and foreign deals in the emerging markets , Israel and CEE.

We assist clients in addressing their tax planning needs and resolving tax controversies. We are always mindful of our clients’ business objectives, providing transaction structures that maximize tax benefits and minimize tax liability. With “nest friends” network lawyers in the United States and Europe, we are positioned to counsel clients on effective international tax planning strategies, providing integrated, global tax advice.

Reliability is one of the core values of Shalhav Tax & Law. By determining appropriate levels of staff and resource allocation from the beginning of each matter, we are able to avoid surprises and are able to forecast and even FIX fees based on such factors as the scope of work anticipated throughout the representation, projected fees and costs, and staffing and resource requirements. We tailor each projection to accommodate individual client cost control, reporting and billing preferences. The aforementioned fees are calculated on hourly rates of the staff involved, whereby the average hourly rate of our firm offers you top quality advice for reasonable fees.