1. Shalhav Tax & Law B.V. (“Shalhav”) is a private limited company established under the laws of the Netherlands and with its registered seat in Amsterdam for the purpose of providing legal services and tax advice.
  2. These general terms and conditions apply to all assignments to Shalhav.
  3. All client assignments are considered to have been given to Shalhav, also in the event that it is the explicit or implicit intention that an instruction is performed by a specific affiliated person. Sections 7:404 (which relates to the situation that it is the client’s intention that an instruction is carried out by a specific person) and 7:407 (which imposes a joint and several liability where an instruction is given to two or more persons) of the Dutch Civil Code (burgerlijk wetboek), shall not apply. The term “affiliated person” includes: employees, advisors, and shareholders of Shalhav.
  4. Any liability of Shalhav is limited to the amount paid out in that specific case under its professional indemnity insurance, increased by the amount of the deductible.
  5. If Shalhav engages a person not affiliated with Shalhav to perform an assignment from the client, Shalhav shall not be liable vis-à-vis the client for errors or omissions made by such person. By giving an instruction to Shalhav, the client authorizes Shalhav to accept on behalf of the client a limitation of liability requested by such non-affiliated person.
  6. Pursuant to applicable regulations (including the Act on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financiering van terrorisme), Shalhav is under the obligation to establish the identity of its clients and, under certain circumstances, to report unusual transactions to the authorities. By instructing Shalhav, clients confirm that they are aware of these obligations and, to the extent necessary, consent thereto.
  7. Each claim for damages shall expire one year from the day following the day the client becomes aware of the damages and Shalhav as the liable party.
  8. The relationship between Shalhav and its clients shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands.
  9. The competent court in Amsterdam shall be exclusively competent to hear any dispute between the client and Shalhav. These general terms and conditions are available in both the Dutch and English language.
    In the event of any dispute arising with respect to the contents or purport of these general terms and conditions, the Dutch language version shall prevail. Shalhav is established in Amstelveen, the Netherlands and registered with the Trade Registry of the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam under number 28209907.